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The mission of Hossmoor's Rehabilitation Center is to restore the health, strength, and sustainability of your equine partner. The Center offers comprehensive care, veterinary diagnostics and treatment, state of the art equipment, and therapies to rebuild and restore the equine athlete. If a horse is recovering from an injury or surgery, or just returning to work, the dedicated staff at Hossmoor's Rehabilitation Center customizes care for the individual horse.
♦ Post-surgical care: Bandaging/ Medications/
   Supportive Care
♦ Sale Preparation/ Conditioning
♦ Hand Walking/ EuroXerciser/ Riding
♦ Hydrotherapy - Game Ready
♦ Stem Cell
♦ Shock Wave
♦ Acupuncture/ Massage/ Chiropractic
♦ Nutrition consultation
♦ Cold Laser/ Therapeutic Ultrasound/ T.E.N.S
♦ Farrier care
Our focus at Hossmoor has always been to provide excellent care for our client's horses. The Rehabilitation Center helped us to do that, and gave us the opportunity to provide services to the larger community. Staff is on site 24/7 and is ready to provide care for your horse recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. We also offer pre-sale conditioning, and care for geriatric or young horses. Click here to see Rates
1151 Bear Creek Road Briones, CA 94553
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