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Tigger is a USDF Silver medalist and currently competes at Priz St. Georges. She has successfully competed through Training Level in Eventing. She is a lifelong equestrian with over a decade of experience instructing and training in dressage and eventing. She has a background in both classical dressage and the biomechanics of riding. She strives to teach the effective use of the aids and clear communication with the horse. She prides herself on helping riders develop the confidence to achieve their personal goals whether it be pleasure or competition. She also regularly works to broaden her own education in the clinic environment. She has experience starting young horses and rehabilitating working horses as well. She is happy to work with all ages and skill levels in dressage, jumping, with the lunge, and on the trail. Contact her at 510-520-3475 or tm_wright@att.net.
For over 37 years, Sara has been a Dressage instructor and trainer in both Hawaii and California. She has an extensive resume including: Instructor and Horse Show coordinator for Koko Crater Stables in Hawaii, Instructor for the Mills College Riding Program in Oakland, CA, Head Instructor for the Reliez Valley Pony Club in Martinez and Riding School Director at Kimberwicke Equestrian Center in Alamo. Sara understands the importance of a firm foundation of the correct basics for both the horse and rider. Her students are very successful competitors in dressage, some having gone on to become professionals themselves. Her quiet, kind approach instills confidence in both he riders and the horses she trains. Sara works with both novice and advanced riders and provides a flexible program including full and part training, private lessons, lunge-line lessons, as well as quadrille and cavaletti classes. Contact her at 925-228-2916 or at s.hoyer@sbcglobal.net.
Jill is a USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist. She trained with Hilda Gurney, Rolf Henn, and Jessica Ransenhausen. She supervised the lesson, training and breeding program under Hilda Guerney at Hilda's Keenridge Farm. She enjoys working with horses and riders of all levels. Her goal in teaching is to help the rider develop a true partnership with their horse built on trust and understanding. She has been teaching dressage in Pony Club or more than 40 years so she can impart serious principles in a fun and highly supportive manner. Many of her students have reached their goals in competition, although some student has been uninterested in showing. Reach her at 925-443-8629 or wedgwoodfarm@aol.com.

Specializes in foundation horsemanship for all disciplines, including Western Performance. He began riding at the age of 4 and never stopped. During and after attending Colorado State University, Joe studied many training programs including Natural Horsemanship, Empiric Foundation Training, Classical Dressage, Foreman style Center-Seat riding, reining, cutting and working horsemanship. He has spent the recent years assembling a program that draws fron the best practices of all disciplines to produce the most pleasurable result for both horse and rider, in the most effective way. From his time working on large scale cattle operations in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, Joe has learned to prize practicality and functionity in horsemanship. This is exemplified by his belief that 90% of horsemanship happens before you enter the arena gate. Whether your goal is to ride and slide, spin and win, or have a pleasurable day on the trail, Joe MacDannald can help show you the next step on the journey of constant self-improvement that is horsemanship. Visit his webpage for more information, or give him a call to schedule a lesson at Hossmoor. www.macdannald.com, 925-718-6464.


Believes that true horsemaship is that which the health, safety and enjoyment of both horse and rider are achieved through a partnership built upon technique and understanding. To achieve that goal, he combines the technical structure of Dressage and the German Training Scale with the behavioral emphasis that provides the solid foundation for Ray Hunt's philosophy. A fifth generation Bay Area native, Clayton holds degrees from the University of Wyoming and has been a trainer and teacher in Marin, Carmel Valley, Walnut Creek and Alamo. In addition, he has led backcountry expeditions and pack trips throughout the state and has a number of stunt rider credits to his name, including the HBO movie ¡°Hemingway and Gellhorn¡± starring Nicole Kidman. syunami@yahoo.com, 415-724-7407.

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